Life is busy, so don’t waste time stressing out about your lawn or garden. Instead, let the Yardian take care of all the heavy lifting for you with its robust set of useful capabilities.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

Yardian Pro, certified by Apple HomeKit, comes in 12-zone and 8-zone models with optional outdoor enclosure. It is US EPA WaterSense certified with access to local weather data to save water and money. 

Easy and Intuitive Control

You can set up your plant, sprinkler head, soil, etc. for each zone in your property. Each zone can be assigned to either a Smart Program or a Manual Program for watering schedules. The control access of your device can be easily shared to your family members or contractor. Multiple devices can be created and managed under one user account.

Manual Program with Seasonal Adjustment

A Manual Program is designed to follow your preferences for watering schedule. You only need to set it up one time, and Yardian will automatically adjust the watering schedule every month based on your Seasonal Adjustment setting.

Adjustable Smart Program

EPA WaterSense certified weather-based Smart Program calculates your watering schedules automatically based on the property profile, local weather conditions, and optional proprietary Water Restrictions database. Soaking cycles are automatically applied to prevent water run-off. This program is adjustable to better suit your watering needs.

Conditional Program

A Conditional Program allows you to create a watering schedule with a trigger event, such as specific temperatures. It’s a special program that you can use in addition to a Smart Program or Manual Program for your zone(s).

Skip Rules​

You can choose to skip watering schedules created by your Smart Program and/or Manual Program. There are 4 skip rules that you can use based on Chance of Rain, Rain Sensor Skip, Manual Skip, and Freeze Prevention.

Master Valve and 24VAC Output

Yardian: you can assign any spare zone as the master/pump or a 24VAC power supply via the Yardian app.

Yardian Pro: there are dedicated master zone and 24VAC output.

Master Valve By Zone​

This is a powerful feature that activates your master valve or pump relay only for zones in need. With the help of a relay, you can control a wider variety of applications, such as light systems or any devices that require schedules.

Multiple Yardians

Does your property require more than 12 zones? Multiple Yardians work seamlessly with different sets of Smart Program Hours to provide complete coverage for your lawn or garden.

Voice Activation

Yardian may be activated by using Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Specific voice commands provide customized control of your lawn’s watering requirements, such as watering your property based on specific zones.